Criminal Defense (Federal and State)

Criminal Defense
According to the Texas Department of Safety, the most common criminal offenses in Texas are DWI, drug possession, and immigration related crimes. With the exception of DWI, you could be facing federal criminal charges if you are arrested for an immigration charge or a drug possession charge. Valdez Garza Law Firm, P.C. can help with a broad range of criminal charges on both the state and federal level.


DUI/DWI CasesDrunk driving charges must not be taken lightly. If you are found guilty on a first-time offense you may think it is easier to plead no contest or guilty. However, should you face future charges and have pled out the first time, you could be facing jail time, loss of driving rights, and steep fines. Keep in mind if you are a lawful permanent resident or possess other status other than U.S. Citizenship, you may be facing a removal from the United States after your criminal case is resolved. Valdez Garza Law Firm, P.C. can help with both processes and will do our best to fight the charges against you.

Other State Misdemeanor Charges

State ChargesCharges such as resisting arrest, burglary, possession of small amounts of marijuana, criminal trespass, and public intoxication are among the other misdemeanor charges you could face in Texas. Each crime is broken into classes; the more serious the crime, the higher the potential fine, and the greater the chance you could face jail time. Never take these charges lightly; Valdez Garza Law Firm, P.C. will defend you aggressively and work hard to preserve your good name.

Federal Charges are Serious

Federal ChargesWhile many drug charges are prosecuted as state level felony charges, in some instances, the prosecutor may opt to file federal charges. Typically, if you have large quantities of drugs, are found transporting drugs, or if you have been charged with drug manufacturing. Texas prosecutors pursue these charges aggressively and you need an attorney who will fight hard to prevent the federal charges from being filed. If the prosecutor insists on filing a federal charge however, you can count on the skilled drug defense team at Valdez Garza Law Firm, P.C. to mount an aggressive defense and protect your freedom.

Any criminal charge must be defended aggressively. The consequences of a guilty finding can be long-term; not only will you be facing potential jail time, you will have problems throughout your life finding employment, passing background checks for apartments, and may even face problems getting a loan for a home or school.  Do not take chances with any criminal charge. If you are facing charges anywhere in the Rio Grande Valley area, contact the Brownsville, TX criminal defense team at Valdez Garza law Firm, PC.